The ability to achieve your financial and artistic goals is completely dependent on the quality of education and the hands-on experience received in a professional training program.

Although all post-secondary professional programs are approved at the local level, only Nationally Accredited Institutions are recognized as providing students with an educational program that is approved by both the Maryland Higher Education Commission and the U.S. Department of Education. All of the programs offered at Robert Paul are Nationally Accredited. National Accreditation insures that the facility, the curriculum and the educational team meet the highest possible standards in industry education. The Academy has been Nationally Accredited and Veterans Administration approved without interruption since 1986. Over 75% of the junior stylists enrolled at Robert Paul Academy are recommended by salon owners, stylists, product representatives and platform educators. The Academy’s formula for success is proven every day in salons across the area by RPACAS graduates. For over 42 years, Robert Paul Academy has earned the support of the salon community and continues to be a program of choice.